Monday, January 14, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Poster

Here below a teaser poster for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, aka Harry Potter 6:
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Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
"I'm safe with you, harry."
This poster is full of mystery!

We now have many more official posters of Harry Potter 6:
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Harry Potter and the half blood princeDumbledore Chracter Poster - harry Potter 6

Once again, Dumbledore must ask too much of Harry Potter!


Anonymous said...

The picture represent Harry and Dumbledore when they are in the cavern and the picture was taken from inside the water

for the ones who know what im talking about I think those who made this poster wanted to do like if it was an inferi who is watching Dumbledore and Harry

Anonymous said...

loved the poster!!
just like i imagined the cavern would be!! amazing!
and yes, he says "once again, I must ask too much of you, Harry"


hope the movie doesnt suck as much as the 5th one!!

Anonymous said...

i don't think 5 was that bad, 3 disappointed me because they missed the part where they talk as they are going through the cave. They only put small bits into it. I'm sure 6 wont be bad; it looks amazing.

fawad ali said...

harry potter is amagistic film. posters of Harry Potter show that it will gain lot of buisness

Anonymous said...

omg thanks for these!!!!! i'm so excited for the movie!!