Friday, February 29, 2008

Harry Potter 6 Behind the scenes Clips

Three behind-the-scenes featurettes of Harry Potter 6, aka Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, available.

Here they are:

Quidditch: Back in Style

Set Magic: Creating Wool's Orphanage

Back to Hogwarts

Those behind-the-scenes clips just wet my appetite: I want more.
Can't wait to watch Harry Potter 6, i'm so impatient!


Anonymous said...

oh my god they should have done quiditch in the 5th harry potter because that's when Ron tries out for keeper not in the 6th. on top of that in the 5th movie they didn't even tell u that harry was banned from quiditch. god i really hope the new director didn't mess up this movie as bad as he did with movies 3-5.