Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince International Trailer

Just out of the blue here a new international trailer of Harry Potter 6, aka Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:

Some new footage of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in this new cut of the trailer. I bet Warner Bros is having second thoughts after postponing Harry Potter 6 to next year.

Too bad they don't have the courage to bring it back to its original release date! I really wish I had studied at Hogwarts, just to cast a nasty spell on WB company!

What about you? Still pissed off that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is not released this year? What kind of spell would you like to spell on Warner Bros?


Anonymous said...

AW. That makes me really mad... they cant just make a new trailer...the best one yet...AMAZING in fact... and just expect us to sit around waiting for it for a year. I wish that they would move it up.... GRRR.

Anonymous said...

AH did you hear... They are taking out the funeral scene of Dumbledore, and the battle scene, because warner brothers doesn't want repetitiveness and they think that they found the right ending. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A FUNERAL SCENE, ITS NOT RIGHT. Check out and click the news link for more info... this pisses me off

Stop Smoking said...

looking really good! thanks for posting this

Anonymous said...

"Will Harry Potter defeat the Half Blood Prince?"

Have you read the book? He doesn't battle "The Half Blood Prince."

Anonymous said...

I think i would put the crusiastic
curse on WB. to force them to release film 6 now before Christmas

Anonymous said...

Warner Brothers f***ing sucks. If they don't make this one the best ever to make up for postponing it there will be some serious trouble. And I totally agree: you can't not have the funeral scene, HELLO!! It's one of the focal points of the book. And if they take out the battle scene, honestly I want someone to kick some butt. And they better stick to the plot this time too, like how they totally did that in the fourth??? (sigh) They really need to move up the date, I'm dying here. Right, sorry for the rant.