Friday, November 14, 2008

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie Trailer

Here below the latest trailer of Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince:

When I think it was due for November and that instead there is the low-budget movie twilight I just get depressed...

Anyway, the more footage of Harry potter 6 I see the more I get enthusiast and impatient!


Anonymous said...

harry potter is amazing.but don't be silly. it was not pushed back because of the incredible are putting out false information. it was pushed back because Harry Potter made the most money when it was released in the summer, rather November. thanks.

J-Mi said...

I feel the same way. :(

I mean, like the above comment, I KNOW that HBP wasn't bumped just to put out Twilight, but it still burns a bit. And yeah, they thought the film would do a lot better in the summer...which might be true, but seriously, at this point, it'd do good anytime!